PDC Introduces React Mobile® Panic Button Employee Safety Platform to Protect Employees

The company enters a strategic partnership with React Mobile®, an employee safety technology company

MANHEIM, Pennsylvania – July 9, 2020 – PDC, a global leader in identification products, access control, and safety solutions, announces the introduction of React Mobile®, a precise, location-based panic button alert system to be offered to healthcare and education markets. Through its parent company, Brady Corporation, PDC entered a strategic partnership with React Mobile, an employee safety technology company. This partnership allows PDC to bring the React Mobilev® platform to their healthcare and education industry customers for a rapid emergency response solution.

The React Mobile® platform answers the call for greater employee and student protections. Healthcare workplace violence has been on the rise with intentional injuries to nurses by patients up 67% from 2012 to 2018. The Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers Act was passed by the House of Representatives in 2019 and requires employers to have plans to prevent violence in the workplace and to report any violent incidents. In education, Alyssa’s Law calls for the installation of silent panic alarms that are directly linked to law enforcement to speed up response times in cases of emergency.

React Mobile® is an employee safety solution built for organizations that allows for rapid emergency response when every second counts, putting panic buttons in the hands of employees. In the case of an emergency, an employee simply presses the button, and the on-location security team is alerted to their precise location within the facility’s campus within seconds. The React Mobile® platform uses GPS geolocation and Bluetooth® beacon technology to provide unparalleled accuracy to locate an employee in distress. It can also be configured to connect directly with local law enforcement agencies, to meet the requirements of Alyssa’s Law.

The React Mobile® system is cloud-based, with no cabling or fixed hardware for quick and easy implementation. React Mobile® is more reliable than app-based alert systems as it provides full coverage of indoor and outdoor spaces with room-level location accuracy. The system consists of the following that can be custom configured based upon an organization’s needs:

  • BLE 5.0 Beacon for precise, room level location accuracy
  • Stand-alone LTE Panic Button that provides freedom from a tethered device
  • Dispatch Center Software is the central portal for administrative control and alert monitoring
  • Sidekick Bluetooth 5.0 Panic Button that pairs with mobile devices
  • Mobile App

“PDC has always prioritized our customers’ employee safety with our employee identification and visitor management solutions,” said Josh Rundus, Global Director of Product Management for PDC. “React Mobile amplifies our focus on employee safety, bringing a potentially life-saving technology to our education and healthcare customers, where workplace violence is on the rise.”

“We believe that in today’s times, employee panic buttons are must-have technology in the healthcare and education industries,” said Sean Souffie, Vice President of Sales at PDC. “Our strategic partnership with React Mobile combines their proven technology platform and expertise with our industry expertise to provide a best-in-class employee safety solution.” To learn more about PDC React Mobile, visit or


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