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Healthcare Wristbands, Labels, and Products

PDC Healthcare is a trusted global leader and manufacturer with 65+ years of experience in patient identification and safety solutions.

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ID Card Printers, Credentials and ID Accessories

IDenticard is a trusted global leader and manufacturer with 65+ years of experience in identification credentials and security solutions. corporate logo

Event Wristbands and Credentials is the #1 source for identification products and credentials created solely for the leisure, entertainment, and hospitality industries.

Promotion and Custom Products

Promovision is a US-owned, 5-star rated manufacturer and supplier of quality promotional products. We have our own factories in both North America and China with unique customization capabilities other companies can’t match.

Retail and Channel Distributors

Brady People ID is a leading global manufacturer of identification, security and promotional products with factories in North America and China. No one in the industry can match our on-hand inventory and customization capabilities.

PDC by Brady corporate logo

Law Enforcement Wristbands and Products

Our leading line of innovative Clincher® inmate identification products provides positive identification, security, access control, and classification for jails and other law enforcement holding and detainment facilities. 

“I love this company. ‘Fast and Efficient’ with great customer satisfaction!”

– Heather Eades

“I’ve been working with IDenticard for 12 years and I would never consider changing. Our patients and staff rely on us for security, and we rely on IDenticard.”


“The guests love the quality and color variety of the wristbands, especially the kids. Kids love collecting the different color wristbands, to show off their fun memories with family and friends.”

– Ed Hodgdon