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This is a current list of PDC trademarked and registered trademarked products. When using our trademarks, please refer to them properly.

Example: Smart Band is a registered trademark of PDC.

ADVANTAgeBand vinyl insert style hospital wristband with plastic snap closure

AgeBand age/ID verification system

Alert Band allergy and blood type patient identification wristband

C2RX direct thermal prescription labels

Cadet narrow adult patient identification wristband

ClearImage access and crowd control identification wristbands

Clincher inmate identification wristbands.

ColorGuard insert style wristband featuring sealing flap

CompuBand bar code identification wristband

Contourband Direct Thermal Wristband recipient system with lanyard snap

CS-2 patient charge labels

DataMate bar code labels for application to Sentry Superband

DuraPrint laser printable patient ID system

FamilyLink RFID identification software

Flometer intravenous metering labels

Funbands pediatric patient identification wristband with cartoon character

Ident-A blood recipient system

Ident-A-Band patient wristbands

Ident-Alert colored alert snaps for wristbands

Keystone stand alone printing solutions

Kleen-print finger printing and footprinting systems

Liquid Glitter holographic design on metallic wristband

Medvision Custom pre-printed labels

PermaPrint patented protective layer on PDC Thermal Bar Code Wristbands and Tags for best imprint quality and resistance to solvents

PDC Pocket PC Smart Reader wireless, point-of-sale RFID reader

PDC Smart RFID trademark brand name.

PDC Smart AgeBand RFID age/id wristband

PDC Smart Card RFID card

PDC Smart CompuBand RFID identification wristband

PDC Smart Key Fob RFID key fob

PDC Smart ScanBand RFID identification wristband

PDC Smart SuperBand RFID identification wristband

PDC Smart Wrist Tag RFID identification bracelet

Pharmexcript Pharmacy labeling

Precision corporate identity for wristbands

PrimeBand end-tab snap closure vinyl patient identification wristband

Products you can identify with corporate tag line

Quick Print newborn identification footprinter

RFID Band lightweight, tri-laminate wristband

Safeguard adhesive style patient identification wristband

Safeguard tower design

Scanband adhesive closure style bar code identification wristband

Sealident non-metallic waterproof identification wristbands

Securband pre-numbered lightweight style identification wristband with adhesive closure

Securline blood band identification wristbands for blood collection system

Securline corporate identity for skin markers, lab markers, and patient identification wristbands

Securlink blood recipient system

SecurMatch pre-numbered wristband with numbered pull off tab

SecurSnap plastic snap fastener

Secur-Ticket vinyl wristband used for identification of patrons

Sentry adhesive style patient identification wristband

Sentry Bar Code LabelBand bar code identification wristband

Short Stay short term style patient identification wristband.

Smart Band radio frequency identification wristband

SnugFit readjustable newborn/parent identification wristband

SoftFonts pharmacy font labeling solutions

SoftGuard long term patient identification wristband

Soft-Lock soft vinyl adjustable patient identification

Solutions you can identify with. PDC trademarked tagline

Speedi-Band patient identification wristband with write-on style

Speedi-Print patient identification wristband with a surface for imprinting

Splash-Cash access and crowd control wristband printed with pull off tab

Splash Straps pediatric identification wristbands with neon two color graphic design

Superband lightweight, tri-laminate identification wristband

Super Junior narrow style tri-laminate wristband

SureImage full-color wristbands

Tabless tyvek wristband with non-removable tab

Tendercare ideal ID for labor and delivery 

Thrifty Bands access and crowd control identification wristbands unimprinted

TicketBand bar code identification wristband

Time tape dispensers and labels

TimeTape medical labeling tape

Tytan Band pre-numbered Tyvek wristband

Tytan Tabless Tyvek wristband with non removable tab

Uni-Print special waterproof surface of patient identification wristbands

Ur-Assure self-adhering external male catheter

Veri-Color side tab patient identification wristband

VIP triple layered vinyl access and crowd control wristbands

Wrist-Rider access and crowd control wristband with several pull off tabs

XTender Band extends PDC wristbands to 4-6 more inches

ZebraBand Striped access and crowd control identification wristbands

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