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PDC Healthcare Expands its DuraSoft® Laser Patient ID Line to Meet the Needs of Entire Patient Population

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PDC Healthcare Expands its DuraSoft® Laser Patient ID Line to Meet the Needs of Entire Patient Population

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Valencia, CA (June 25, 2013) – PDC Healthcare, the global leader of innovative identification solutions, announced today the extension of its DuraSoft® Laser Patient ID System to encompass the entire patient population including infants, pediatrics, and adults. Through bar code technology, the DuraSoft® Laser Patient ID System benefits both patients and caregivers by preventing misidentification caused by human error while improving workflow efficiencies. 


DuraSoft®  is now offered in ten different formats to serve as an easy drop-in replacement of an existing laser patient ID system, eliminating the need for IT involvement or re-formatting. One of the new formats, DuraSoft® TenderCare®, helps ensure every infant is positively identified with their parents. The 4-part set includes one wristband for mom, one for dad, and two for baby’s wrist and ankle. DuraSoft®  TenderCare® is ideal for labor & delivery departments using laser printers for print-on-demand automated patient identification, helping to improve patient safety by reducing manual errors. Another new format includes an infant-sized, pediatric-sized, and adult-sized wristbands on a single sheet, saving caregivers time and resources, as the age and size appropriate wristband can be selected on the spot and there is no need to dedicate two separate printers in the pediatrics unit or children’s hospital.

“With the release of our new Mother/Father/Baby and Infant/Pediatric/Adult products, hospitals now have a better alternative that’s softer and easier to use ,” said D’Albert Benoit, Patient Safety and ID Marketing Manager for PDC Healthcare. “DuraSoft®  not only provides time-saving convenience for caregivers, but also features an antimicrobial additive that protects the wristband surface against tested non-pathogenic bacteria.”    

DuraSoft®  is lightweight, ultra soft, and requires no assembly prior to application, unlike typical laser patient ID wristbands that contain a stiff laminate overlay that must be carefully folded and applied to the wristband. DuraSoft’s® patented, innovative design is moisture-resistant and protects important patient information from fading or smearing from water, alcohol, or hand sanitizer. Its antimicrobial additive prevents wristband degradation and discoloration, which can impact the legibility of patient information and the accuracy of bar code scanning, potentially leading to critical misidentification errors.  

The DuraSoft® product line is the only laser wristband series on the market compatible with PDC Healthcare’s Ident-Alert™ Color Coded Snaps that feature nationally standardized alert colors and large text to aid caregivers in easily identifying at-risk patients. Hospitals can use a bar code system, such as DuraSoft®, as part of their electronic medication administration record (eMAR) system to meet stage 2 meaningful use requirements established by the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (SMS) for Electronic Tracking of Medications.  

About PDC

With more than 55 years of experience, PDC connects people, products, and technology through innovative ID systems that deliver superior customer experiences worldwide. PDC is the global leader and pacesetter in the development of wristband, label, medical records, and imaging systems. The company serves the healthcare, leisure & entertainment, and law enforcement industries. A pioneer of innovative technologies, PDC introduced the first single-piece patient wristband, first bar code wristband system, first Smart Band® RFID wristband system, first thermal printer wristband, and the award-winning PDC Smart® Kiosk, among many other innovations.

PDC products are used in leading hospitals worldwide and comprise a comprehensive range of solutions that provide positive ID and positive clinical outcomes, while meeting important guidelines of The Joint Commission, World Healthcare Organization, FDA, AHA, and HIPAA. Complying with ISO 9001 standards, PDC follows a systematic, world-standard approach to ensure superior product design, manufacturing, and customer support services. For more information, visit

On Dec. 28, 2012, PDC was acquired by Brady Corporation, (NYSE:BRC) a world leader in identification solutions for premises, products, and people. 

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