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PDC Introduces New Write On Style Securline® Bar Code Blood Band

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PDC Introduces New Write On Style Securline® Bar Code Blood Band

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New Write On Style Securline® Bar Code Blood Band is Ideal for Inpatient use
San Fernando, CA - (June 23, 2011) –Precision Dynamics Corporation, the global leader in healthcare identification solutions, announced today the release of the new Write On Version of the Securline® Bar Code Blood Band, a blood recipient ID wristband system that provides automated patient identification for blood transfusion, specimen collection, and tracking. 
Using bar coding technology, the Securline® Bar Code Blood Band meets the revised Elements of Performance (EP) as outlined in The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal for blood transfusions, NPSG.01.03.01, for a one-person verification process (versus two-person verification). The revised EP was released in September 2010 after The Joint Commission consulted healthcare and safety experts and literature to determine that automated identification technology can and does contribute to patient safety.
The Securline® Bar Code Blood Band is pre-printed with alpha-numeric bar codes to accurately match the right patient to the right blood. This improves patient safety by reducing identification related human errors that can occur during the blood transfusion process. The Write On version features a patient identification information area with a draw tube label. Once removed, a carbonless copy remains on the patient wristband. It also offers 14 matching bar code labels that can be applied to additional draw tube, patient chart, transfusion requisition, and as a secondary label on blood bags. Soft, latex-free, Phthalate-free material maximizes patient comfort and safety yet is also durable and strong to last throughout the patient’s stay.
The Securline® Bar Code Blood Band features an easy-to-use snap style closure  which saves hospital staff time. Its secure bar code labels with permanent adhesive also prevent hospitals from having to re-work blood specimen collections caused by misplaced labels.  Mary Ann Sharpe, Blood Bank Manager at Research Medical Center which belongs to HCA Midwest Health System, stated, “Securline® Bar Code Blood Bands are easy to apply because the bands snap closed just like our admission wristbands. Plus, the bar code labels on the Securline® product are very secure and don’t peel off accidentally like we experienced with the other band.”
“As hospitals continue to focus on patient safety and reducing errors, bar coding technology will play a key role in replacing some of the human dependant verification processes with automated identification,” said Karen Joseph, Marketing Manager for Precision Dynamics. “More hospitals have adapted bar code transfusion systems as part of their patient safety initiatives and to achieve The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal for blood transfusions. The Securline® Bar Code Blood Band not only delivers accurate identification through bar coding, it also works with existing blood bank systems so there’s no IT involvement or capital investment, making it an easy and effective option for hospitals already using some form of blood band identification.”
The Securline® Bar Code Blood Band meets current Joint Commission, AHA, and HIPAA requirements. For more information, please visit: or contact PDC’s Customer Care at 800-772-1122.

About Precision Dynamics Corporation: 

The Leading Provider of Positive ID and Positive Outcomes ™
With more than 50 years of experience, Precision Dynamics is the global leader and pacesetter in the development of wristband and label systems.  The company specializes in serving the healthcare, leisure and entertainment, and law enforcement industries. Precision Dynamics introduced the first single-piece patient wristband, first bar code wristband system, first Smart Band ® RFID wristband system, and the award winning PDC Smart ® Kiosk. 
Precision Dynamics’ products are used in leading hospitals worldwide and comprise a comprehensive range of wristband and labeling systems that provide positive ID and positive clinical outcomes, and meet important guidelines of The Joint Commission, World Healthcare Organization, FDA, AHA, and HIPAA. As an ISO 9001 certified company,Precision Dynamics follows a systematic, world-standard approach to ensure superior product design, manufacturing, and customer support services. The company strives to understand customer needs and measures performance through vehicles such as its Customer Council and Customer Survey programs. For more information, visit
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