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V-Notch™ Labels for Blood Collection Tubes Prevent Patient ID Errors Caused by Misaligned Labeling

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V-Notch™ Labels for Blood Collection Tubes Prevent Patient ID Errors Caused by Misaligned Labeling

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Simple “Notch-to-Notch” Application is Quick and Convenient, Saving Time and Money 
San Fernando, CA (December 9, 2009) – Incorrect labeling on blood collection tubes can lead to inaccurate bar code scanning and misidentification, which can drastically affect test results. Just one misaligned label can cause a patient to be misdiagnosed or otherwise mismanaged. The effects can be life-threatening and a major liability for hospitals. To prevent errors, more hospitals are using V-Notch labels from Precision Dynamics-TimeMed, the leader in Healthcare identification solutions.
When using traditional test tube labels, misalignment of secondary labels is a common problem, particularly when using automated systems that require specific label placement for accurate bar code readings. “Identifying the problem is the first important step as many hospitals don’t have a standardized system for correct label alignment,” said Megan Siears, Product Manager at Precision Dynamics-TimeMed. “In an attempt to manually correct mislabeling problems, hospitals are wasting valuable time and money relabeling.”
Before transferring to V-Notch Secondary Labels, Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia experienced several issues from improper labeling. “Our lab would receive samples with misaligned or upside-down labels,” said Dawn Moore, Laboratory Director at the hospital. “Poor labeling would slow down turnaround time. Plus, we have a large staff that is constantly changing and growing so we had a difficult time providing consistent training across the departments.” 
Greatly simplifying the process, V-Notch facilitates fast and accurate alignment via its patented V-shaped visual guide. Users simply align the notch on the secondary bar code label with the colored V-shape located on the test tube label. “The alignment ensures perfect label positioning for accurate bar code readings the first time and every time,” said Siears. V-Notch labels are used with BD Vacutainer® Plus plastic tubes from Becton Dickinson, the leading supplier of blood collection tubes. 
“The V-Notch system has integrated seamlessly with our LIS and automated equipment,” said Moore. “V-Notch provides a consistent way to train our nurses because of its simple application process of matching the notch on the tube with the notch on the label.”
V-Notch’s ability to practically eliminate the need for relabeling has resulted in superior productivity and bottom line benefits for Piedmont Hospital. After using V-Notch over a 3 year period, the hospital has increased its number of lab tests by 290,000 (or 14%) while actually reducing its costs of test tube labels by 6%. “Without the need for relabeling, hospitals maximize production and minimize the need to reorder,” said Siears.  
The user-friendly process has received positive feedback from Piedmont Hospital staff. Moore summed up the hospital’s overall results, saying that V-Notch has “enabled us to address a number of labeling issues, reducing our expenses, increasing efficiencies, and helping to maintain our focus on patient safety and quality care.”
To learn more about V-Notch Secondary Labels for Blood Collection and other Precision Dynamics-TimeMed laboratory solutions, call 800.323.4840 or visit The web page includes a new overview video of this revolutionary product.

About Precision Dynamics-TimeMed ... Your Partner in Patient Safety™

With over 50 years of expertise, Precision Dynamics-TimeMed is the global leader in healthcare identification systems. Precision Dynamics’s acquisition of TimeMed Labeling Systems, Inc. in November, 2008 now offers hospitals the widest selection of wristband and labeling systems that enhance all critical department functions, including Admissions, Medication Administration, Transfusion, Laboratory, Pharmacy, IT, Surgical Procedures, etc.
Precision Dynamics and TimeMed have more than 100 years of combined experience in developing innovative and reliable products that meet important patient safety guidelines of the Joint Commission, FDA, AHA, and HIPAA. As the developer of the first single-piece patient wristband, the first bar code wristband system, and the first Smart Band® RFID wristband system, Precision Dynamics-TimeMed systems are an integral cornerstone to the most successful patient safety initiatives. For more information, visit
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