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PDC Mother/Infant Positive Patient ID Wristband Solutions To Be Featured at AWHONN 2008

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PDC Mother/Infant Positive Patient ID Wristband Solutions To Be Featured at AWHONN 2008

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Company’s mother infant ID wristbands are the foundation for point of care bar coding and further ensure the mother/newborn ID processes by reducing medical errors and improving patient safety.

San Fernando, CA (June 20, 2008) - BOOTH # 334 - For hospital labor and delivery departments to ensure patient safety, they rely on positive patient identification. Being able to verify that the right patient is receiving the right treatment, medication and/or breast milk for both mother and newborn are critical. Focusing on these patient safety issues and more, Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC), the global leader in automated wristband identification, will be demonstrating its mother-infant wristband solutions at the Association of Women’s Health Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) Conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center, June 22nd - 24th, booth # 334.

PDC will be displaying its latest infant positive patient identification solution: Precision® Infant Thermal Band. It utilizes today’s barcode technology to help insure newborn safety. Printed on a direct thermal printer, it provides a flat surface for best scanning results. Precision® Infant Thermal band is specially coated to eliminate the need for fold over laminate while still protecting the printed information from water, soap and hand sanitizer.

Hospitals use PDC’s mother-infant wristbands, bar code tags and DataMate® labels for security, scanability and safety. PDC’s wide selection of mother infant wristbands meets the needs of hospital labor & delivery, pediatric and NICU departments with correlating numbering systems that positively identify baby with mother and other family member(s). PDC provides a choice from four-part, three-part and two-part band designs, as well as insert style (with protective pockets for insert cards) or imprinter style (for printing directly on the wristband). These mother-infant wristbands are made of smooth, soft, latex free material that is comfortable and safe for sensitive skin. DataMate® labels support text, photos, graphics, and linear and 2D bar codes. PDC’s bar code solutions, meet the requirements of JCAHO for accurate patient ID, HIPAA for protection of patient privacy, and AHA to reduce the risk of lost or transferred data.

Also, when conventional infant ID bands are too small to provide sufficient room for patient information to be recorded legibly, PDC’s Precision® Bar Code Tags can be utilized. These tags accommodate either linear or 2D bar codes, along with up to three lines of text. This gives additional space on the wristband for pertinent patient information and reduces cost by eliminating the need for extra ID bands. They are threaded onto the wristband, thereby eliminating the curvature issue and enabling more successful first time scans. The tags are printed using direct thermal printers which provide high quality, legible bar codes, and are compatible with most thermal printers. The tags accommodate all PDC mother/infant wristbands; SnugFit® and Veri-Color® are recommended.

Visit PDC at Booth #334 for all product demonstrations and for a chance to be able to enter to win a Nintendo® Wii™. For additional information about PDC’s mother infant bar code solutions contact PDC at 800-772-1122 or 818-897-1111 or visit:

About PDC...Your Partner in Patient Safety™

With over 50 years of experience, PDC is the pioneer in patient safety through positive identification systems and other healthcare products. The company delivers quality wristband solutions that help protect millions of patients against medical errors, while preventing millions more in associated costs. As the developer of the first single-piece patient wristband, the first bar code wristband system, and the first Smart Band® RFID wristband system, PDC wristbands are an integral cornerstone to the most successful patient safety initiatives. For more information on PDC’s Healthcare products, visit:

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