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United States Navy Tracks Wounded in Iraq With ScenPro's TacMedCS Program Using RFID Technology

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United States Navy Tracks Wounded in Iraq With ScenPro's TacMedCS Program Using RFID Technology

Photo courtesy of U.S. Navy.
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DALLAS, TX (May 20, 2003) - The United States Navy, working with systems developer ScenPro, Inc. of Richardson, Texas, is using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology from Precision Dynamics Corporation and Texas Instruments to more efficiently track the status and location of hundreds of wounded soldiers and airmen, prisoners of war, refugees and others arriving for treatment at the Pensacola Fleet Hospital in Iraq. ScenPro's Tactical Medical Coordination System (TacMedCS) allows medical professionals to use RFID-enabled wristbands to identify patients, and to update their status, location and medical information in the system's electronic whiteboard automatically The Navy implemented TacMedCS to replace a labor-intensive, entirely manual system consisting of pen and paper, cardboard tags, and a centrally located whiteboard to show patient movement throughout the hospital. With the new electronic system, each patient at the Pensacola Fleet Hospital receives an RFID Smart Band® (manufactured by Precision Dynamics Corp. of San Fernando, Calif.) with a TI-RFid Tag-it™ smart label inlay, on which basic identification information is stored. Medical professionals use a handheld RFID reader from A.C.C. Systems Inc. of Glen Head, New York, to read the unique identification number, and add or change data to create a digital treatment record that travels with the patient as he or she is moved throughout the facility. Using a wireless LAN, patient information is transferred to an electronic patient management system, further eliminating manual re-entering of data at a central computer terminal. "When the Pensacola Fleet Hospital came to us at the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory (NAMRL) looking for a system that would help streamline administration, patient ID and tracking while engaged in Iraq, we knew that TacMedCS would be a most effective solution," said HMC Michael Stiney, U.S. Navy. "The ability to keep important information with each patient, and to track his or her whereabouts automatically have helped medical professionals at this facility better manage patient care."

About Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC)

PDC is a privately held manufacturer with ISO-9001certification. The company is a pioneer in automatic identification technology, having introduced the first patient bar code ID wristband in 1984 and radio frequency identification (RFID) wristbands in 2000. In addition to its expanding line of identification products, PDC also provides premium healthcare products for labor & delivery, urology, and other applications. For more information, call 818.897.1111 or visit the company's web site at

About Texas Instruments RFid Systems

Texas Instruments Radio Frequency Identification (TI-RFid™) Systems is an industry leader in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and the world's largest integrated manufacturer of RFID tags, smart labels and reader systems. With more than 200 million tags manufactured, TI-RFid technology is used in a broad range of applications worldwide including access control, automotive, document tracking, livestock, product authentication, retail, sports timing, supply chain, ticketing and wireless payment. For more information, contact TI-RFid at 1-888-937-6536 (North America) or +1 972-575-4364 (International), or visit the company's web site at

About ScenPro, Inc.

ScenPro develops a variety of software applications that solve real-world problems involving information management for medical surveillance, casualty management and incident response efforts. The company also provides knowledge engineering services in the form of structured knowledge acquisition, scenario development, and process modeling. For more information, contact ScenPro at 972-437-5001, or visit the company's web site at
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