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PDC Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation & Service

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PDC Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation & Service

In 2006, PDC celebrated its 50th anniversary as the leading provider of wristband identification solutions.

The following is a brief overview of PDC’s development, from its humble beginnings in Burbank, CA to its emergence as a world leader in wristband identification.

Dr. Walter W. Mosher was a 22-year-old engineering student at UCLA when he launched PDC with three investors in 1956. The company developed what was then a revolutionary innovation—a single-piece patient wristband: no parts and no tools necessary.

Excited and motivated by the quick success of the wristband, the partners scraped together $2,000 and called the venture PDC. While the name initially signified nothing in particular, “it worked nicely to get people to extend credit,” said Dr. Mosher.

In the early days, a series of low-rent storefronts in Burbank, CA represented the company’s operations. By the 1970s, PDC needed cash to grow so the founding shareholders sold the business to a division of W.R. Grace & Co.

By July 1981, Dr. Mosher and his childhood friend, Robert Kraemer (current PDC Board Director and Secretary), bought PDC back from W.R. Grace in a leveraged buyout and soon moved to a 57,000-square-foot facility in San Fernando, CA. Thus began the company incarnation as a private firm that’s grown nine-fold in the past 25 years, serving multiple markets, including healthcare, patron management, and law enforcement in over 100 countries worldwide.

Major company milestones include PDC’s development of:

  • Visa Band® wristbands for patron management in 1972
  • Clincher® wristbands for inmate identification in 1976
  • The first bar code wristband system in 1984
  • Smart Band® RFID (radio frequency identification) wristband systems in 2000
  • AgeBand® age identification & verification wristband system in 2004
  • PDC Smart Kiosk™ for electronic loading of cash to an RFID wristband in 2004
  • DR1000 Dual RFID & Bar Code Reader in 2005

Notably, PDC has experienced 20% growth over the past three years. This success that can be attributed to PDC’s strong focus on automatic identification wristband solutions (including bar code & RFID) and the 2002 hiring of PDC’s new President & CEO Gary Hutchinson. Hutchinson quickly extended PDC’s operations to Europe, acquiring a major distributor in Brussels, Belgium, and developing a manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico. He also initiated PDC’s Advanced Marketing & Technology (AMAT) division, which focuses on the development and marketing of Auto ID technologies. Remaining at the pulse of PDC’s operations, Dr. Mosher now serves as PDC Board Chairman and Chief Technology Officer.

“Over the years, we’ve taken a bit of an old-fashioned, paternalistic approach to our employees, who we appreciate as part of our PDC family,” said Mr. Kraemer. Part of this approach is to directly share the company’s prosperity with all employees through incentives such as a quarterly profit sharing plan, which has been rewarding staff for over 24 years. Results can be measured by the average length of service at PDC, which is over 9 years! This includes assembly line workers to executive management, who all meet together on the factory floor in monthly “All Hands” meetings to review company results, plans, and programs.

PDC celebrates its 50th anniversary, recognizing that the same principles that drove the company from its inception remain at the forefront today: superior quality, innovation, service, and a unique corporate culture that sets it apart.

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